International Horse Trainer Mike Hughes Is Coming To Florida

Troubleshooting The Horse That Turns In While Lunging

Building A Strong Bond With The Kill Pen Rescue Horse

Restarting the Older Horse Under Saddle

Teaching Your Horse To Over Come Their Fears

Building Confidence with the Kill Pen Rescue Horse

Nose and Mouth Shyness

Witch Hunts

Speed Control

New Video Release - The Perfect Start For The Unbroke Horse

New Video Release, Bolting Pony Part 3

New Video Release, Bolting Pony Part 2

Trail Safety Part 1, How To Use Your Horse As A Weapon In Self Defense

New Video Release - Teaching Your Horse to Think Before They React

Trail Saftey, How to use your horse as a Weapon in Self Defense

New Video - Is Your Horse Ready For A Beginner or Child Rider

New Video Release - Nose and Mouth Sensitive Horses

How To Blow Dry Your Horse

Desensitizing Your Horse Part 1

How To Handle Food Aggression Part 1 and 2

Why lunge our horses, What is the point behind it

New Video Release - Is Your Horse Sound Sensitive

New Video Release, Teaching Haunches In

New Video Release, Is Your Horse Nervous Of His Winter Blanket

Video Tip - Understanding Rein Mamagement

Video Tip - Raining Day Training -

New Video Release - Separation Anxiety -

Article - Crossing The Line -

New Video Release - Defensive Aggression Part 2 -

Article - Training Horses Is Like Baking A Cake -

New Video Release, The Best Way To Mount Your Horse

New Video Release - How To Relax The Scared Horse

New Video Release, Horses that are over reactive to legs

Correction Versus Abuse

Exercise and Stress Management For Your Horse

Hard To Bridle Horses (Ground Exercise)

Article - Behavior Problems Does Not Mean Harsher Training -

New Video Release - Teaching Horses To Come When Called And Line Up

Horse Training Tip - Head Tossing -

Behavior Issues Does Not Mean Harsher Training

Got A Vice - Become Crib-Free -

Fly Spraying The Nervous Horse

How to earn your horses trust and respect

You Can’t Change Your Horses Past, But You Can Change His Future

New Video Release - How To Cure The Cinchy Horse

Horse Training Tip - The Best Way To Worm Your Horse

Training Tip - When and When Not To Give Our Horses Treats -

Don't Justify Your Horse's Fears

Horses Are Not Capable Of Lying

Training Tip - Catching Your Horse -

New Video Relase, Don't Be Afraid To Make Mistakes, We All Do It

Training Tip, Don't Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Your Horse Must Be Calmer After The Lesson Than Before You Started

I Will Bring Out The Best In You

New Video Release, Accepting Water and The Water Hose

Preview -Teaching Horses How To Accept The Water Hose

Horse Training Tip - The Head Down Cue -

Getting Your Horses Attention and Keeping It Focused On You

Accept the Slightest Try

New Video Release, Teaching Your Horse To Lunge

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The Relationship With Your Horse Starts On The Ground

How to earn your horses trust and respect

The Only Time I Can't Learn Is If You Give Up On Me

New Video Release - Building Riders Confidence (Part 1)

Teaching Horses How To Bridle

Coming Soon - Building Riders Confidence -

New Video Releases "Advanced Hip and Shoulder Control"

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Trailer Loading In a Calm Manner

Desensitizing Your Horse

The Forward Cue

Got a spooky horse? Here are 5 steps to becoming Fear-Free

Horse Lunging and Problem Solving

Building Riders Confidence, Riding Up and Down Hills

Don't let your emotions get in the way of your horse's progress.

Solve Horse Cribbing And Other Stall Vices Through Training

My Horse Pulls Back While Tied -New Video Release-

4 Days Left Of Your Free Trail, Don't Wait, Get Started

Teaching your horse to open and close gates in a calm manner

Get Ready For Your 7 Day Free Trial, Your Journey Begins Here

The Best Way To Give Your Horse Shots

New Video Release, "Horses that won't move off while Lunging"

New Video Release - Firing A Gun From Your Horse Safely

Demonstration – Horses that move off while mounting –

Teaching Horses to put their Halters on

How to tie a latigo not for western saddles

When Problems Arise, Go Back To What Your Horse Knows

How to saddle your horse with a western or english saddle

How to pony your horse

New Video Release (Good Leading Manners)

Spoiled Bottle Fed Babies (Before and After)

Giving Riding Lessons to Beginners and Children

New Video Release – Standing Still While Tied –

New Video Release, Cures for the Barn Sour Horse

3 Exercises to Cure Your Barn Sour Horse

Fly Spraying Your Horse and New Video Releases

New Video Release - Recognizing TheTry -

Recognizing The Slightest Try From Your Horse

Riding With The Halter and Lead Rope On

Why Your Horse Should Never Be Scared Of You

Cure Your Pushy Crowding Disrespectful Horse

6 Easy Exercises to Becoming Fear-Free

Preview - Shooting A Gun From Your Horse -

New Video Release - The Best Way To Get On Your Horse

The Only Two Times a Horse Can Not Learn

The Buck Stops Here Before and After

Defensive Aggression Behavior with Abused Horses Part 2

Here's 4 Easy Exercises to Improve Your Horses Performance

Ground Tying Your Horse (New Video Release)

The Replacement Concept, A Different Way To Look At Horse Training

Teaching Your Horse To Cross Obstacles

Horses learn at a first grade level

Horses Don’t Understand Right From Wrong, They Understand What Is

When Problems Arise, Go Back To What Your Horse Knows

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Horses don’t understand getting hurt

Principles Of Trailer Loading Your Horse -Video-

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Defensive Aggression Behavior with Abused Horses

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Hard to Catch Horses

New Video Release, Collection (Part 1)

Horse Aggression With Mike Hughes

Desensitizing Your Horse

How to Solve Stall Vices such as cribbing, weaving, stall walking

Horses don't understand getting Hurt, They understand life and death

What to do when you run into behavior problems with you horse

New Video Release on Directional Control

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