Stall Vices

Stall Vices

There are many different types of stall vices such as Cribbing/Windsucking, Weaving, Stall Walking, Self-Mutilation, Stall Kicking, Stall Pawing and many others. Over the course of 7 years Mike developed a training program that solves stall vices without anti cribbing devices. Mike is the first horse trainer in History to develop such training program that is broken down into two steps, 1. Break the Habit, 2. Solve the Problem, it is that simple. Today there are 1,000’s of people who have used Mikes program and have solved there horses stall vice. These video will show you how to solve stall vices in horses through the Crib-Free training program.

Release of Liability
Mike Hughes’s horse training techniques are not responsible for any injuries or death to horse owners, other people, or horses. Horses are very large animals and can be very dangerous. The horse training techniques used in these videos are done by a professional trainer. When performing any of these horse training techniques you are doing so at your own risk. If you feel unsafe performing any of these horse training techniques please consult a professional horse trainer.

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Stall Vices
  • Crib-Free, Solving Horse Cribbing (Part 1, Ground Exercises)

    a. Horse cribbing, also known as windsucking is when a horse grasps an object with his upper teeth, pulls back, arches his neck and makes a grunting noise while sucking in air. Horse cribbing is caused from stress much like when certain people stress they drink, smoke, or do drugs. Cribbing is da...

  • Crib-Free, Solving Horse Cribbing (Part 2, Ground and Saddle Exercises)

    Crib-Free (Part 2)
    a. Crib-Free Part 2 continues showing you how to solve your horses cribbing problems. Breaking the habit is the first step into solving horse cribbing. Now to continue on with the cribbing wizard you can always by a food muzzle to replace the cribbing wizard
    b. Lunging, chan...

  • Crib-Free, Solving Horse Cribbing, (Part 3, Ground Exercises)

    Crib-Free (Part 3)
    a. Crib-Free part 3 Continues to go through the exercise in solving your horses cribbing problems. With these exercises you will be able to solve any horses cribbing/windsucking problem
    b. Tie Rack Placement, lunging, transitional phase

  • Crib-Free, Solveing Horse Cribbing, (Part 4, Ground and Saddle Exercises)

    Crib-Free (Part 4)
    a. Part 4 of the Crib-Free training program show you how to help solve the problem using the round pen and desensitizing your horses from the ground and under saddle with these exercises
    b. Left, right, outside turns, insides turns, facing you, riding, sacking out, obstacle ...

  • Weaving and Stall Walking (Part 1, Ground Exercises)

    Weaving and stall walking (Part 1)
    a. Stall Vices such as weaving and stall walking are cause from stress, there are a certain number of horses in the world today that do not know how to handle stress so the pick up a stall vice. Weaving is when a horse sways from side to side causing damage to...

  • Weaving and Stall Walking (Part 2, Ground Exercises)

    Weaving and Stall walking (Part 2)
    a. Part 2 continues on with teaching your horse how to manage and control stressful situation much like training police horses who have to know how to handle stress at many different levels.
    b. Police horse training, sight, sounds, noises, smells, taste, smo...

  • Weaving and Stall Walking (Part 3, Ground and Saddle Exercises)

    Weaving and Stall Walking (Part 3)
    a. Part 3 finishes up with the ground exercise in dealing with stressful situations and then moves under saddle in teaching horses how to deal with stress while riding.
    b. Riding by scary objects, flares, smells of predators, multiple things going on at the s...

  • Weaving amd Stall Walking (Part 4, Saddle Exercises)

    Weaving and Stall Walking (Part 4)
    a. Part 4 finishes the weaving and stall walking problems by putting your horse in stressful situations and then teaching them how to deal with the stress through
    b. Desensitizing, barn and buddy sour problems, keeping your horses mind on you, plus many other...

  • Stall Vices and Stress Management (Part 2, Ground and Saddle Exercises)

    Stall Vices and stress management (Part 2)
    a. Part 2 continues going over teaching your horse to deal with stress and the difference in the horse by day 3 along with going over teaching horses to go forward under saddle and not flying backwards
    b. Exercise to teach your horse to deal with stre...

  • Stall Vices and Stress Management (Part 1, Ground Exercises)

    Stall Vices and stress management (Part 1)
    a. This training was done at the Canada’s Out Door Equine Expo on teaching horses how to control their stress. Stress can cause stall vices and other behavior problems as you will see in this demo with this horse. As the stress picked up at times this ...